Online Phone Call Anxiety Treatment

The phone rings and your heart begins to pound; you feel your hands sweat. “This is silly,” you think, but you let it go to voicemail. How am I going to work if I can’t even pick up the phone? The idea of answering that call, hearing your voice cracking, feeling your throat swelling, brings you to tears. Your friends and family say to get some help because you’re stuck. This anxiety is keeping you from what brings you joy; you don’t go out with friends, you couldn’t answer the phone if your dream job called.

Getting desperate, you look to find someone who can help. You call an office, the phone rings, and rings, as you begin to tremble. Someone on the other line answers, but you hang up. You don’t even know how to put what you’re going through into words, let alone ask for help with it.

Phone call anxiety is not something written about in textbooks, but it affects many people. For some, it’s an extension of social anxiety. For others, it’s a part of their agoraphobia.

Now imagine you go online, find someone who seems to get it. It’s scary, but you text the company. To your surprise, they text you back. No secretary, not a bot, but a real person. The person you’ll be seeing. She’s heard of phone call anxiety and built the whole practice around sensitive people who also finds the usual way of making appointments daunting. You can do the visit inside your house, with your dog on your lap, surrounded by the things that bring you comfort. For the first time, there is hope that you will get through this.

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