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“I feel anxious and down at the same time. Sometimes I’m the life of the party, but sometimes I can’t get out of bed. I can’t focus, can’t get anything done, “could I have adult ADD?” I asked my primary care to give me an antidepressant, but it didn’t work and maybe even made my sleep worse. I tried medication for focus, but it made me even more irritable. I’m already more irritated with things that don’t bother my friends or family. My boyfriend says I’m all over the place, so bipolar, but I’m nothing like my grandma was; I hold a job, I don’t get suicidal, or do “crazy” things. This feels like more than regular depression and antidepressants aren’t working for me.”

What is Bipolar II?

A mood disorder, now called Bipolar II has periods of irritability, higher mood lasting for days. People may have less need for sleep, be more talkative, have mind-racing, and feel distractible.  It may include having more energy than usual to do things at work, school, or housework. It typically does not cause problems at work or with friends. The depressive mood may be feeling sad or empty, lower interest in things, weight gain, or loss. Sleeping too much or too little, being restless, trouble concentrating, and there may be thoughts of death.

TelePsychiatry for Treatment

You decide it is time to see psychiatry. Perhaps your primary care physician or provider referred you to see a psychiatrist. The wait for a psychiatrist or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner is over a month or towns away. At Your Service Psychiatry offers appointments that same day or on the weekend. We specialize in bipolar I, bipolar II, and mood disorders.

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