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Psychiatric Mental Health Care

We treat most mental healthcare needs except ADHD due to present federal laws. Depression, anxiety, grief, post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, smoking cessation, bipolar or mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders or OCD, natural treatments for insomnia, alcohol abuse.  We focus on busy professionals who do not have the time or desire for a traditional office visit.

Psychiatric Evaluations

In your initial evaluation, we discuss what brings you here, how long it has been going on, and how it is affecting your life.  We look at your medical history and your whole being to come to a diagnosis (when applicable), plan, and options.  We discuss your goals, your preferences, and what has worked well, or not so well, in the past.  We then discuss treatment options, examine medication choices, and prescribe medications by sending them right over to your preferred pharmacy.

If you are working with a therapist, counselor, psychologist, or another provider, and would like us to coordinate our care with them, we will do that too.  If you need paperwork for work, school, procedures, or other reasons, we will get those together shortly after this visit.

Returning Patients:

Beyond Medication Management

“Medication management” is the typical term psychiatrists and psychiatry clinicians use to indicate a quick visit that looks at the medication prescribed, how you are feeling on it, side effects, and anything related to your prescription.  However, in our follow-up revisits, we also look beyond medications and see what is going on in your life, things you are working on for better health, and any interventions we can use in addition to, or outside of, medications.


A passion to care for fellow healthcare providers

To serve you, the ones who care for the world’s sick is my calling. When I began this practice, I considered the tragedy of the rate of physician suicides.  It is more than any other profession in America. I researched why physicians cannot obtain mental health care or substance abuse support with the hope I may help. There is the stigma, time constraints, and worry for loss of their license. With a psychiatry shortage, many are worried they will have to see the psychiatrist colleague or a doctor who may be sitting on their medical boards. Telepsychiatry is a great option to get treatment on the weekends, or after hours, without sitting in a waiting room with your patients or seeing your colleague for medicine. Additionally, this practice can utilize paper charts or our private-label electronic record system to keep your name out of standard, universal electronic health records.

Women’s Mental Health

We care for women with postpartum depression, anxiety, adjustment to motherhood, marriage, and working mothers.  We additionally have experience with the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder and are certified to prescribe Flibanserin.


Many business owners are self-insured or have high deductible plans. The more they use services, and the more diagnoses they have, the higher their cost of healthcare. With this practice, you may opt-out of using any health insurance, thereby avoiding pre-existing condition clauses. If you have a high-deductible plan, you likely don’t ever reach it. We base our fees on customary in-office psychiatry fees.

People Wanting Superior Privacy

Doctors, police officers, pilots, people of media attention may avoid getting the mental health they deserve due to concerns for privacy.  People getting divorced, concerned their mental health records will against them in custody cases.  Until mental healthcare is de-stigmatized, we offer a quiet, convenient way to get the care and prescriptions you need.

Multiple States

You must be in or live in the state where Allison is licensed.  We treat patients located in ARIZONA, COLORADO, HAWAII, IDAHO, IOWA, MAINE, MONTANA, NEBRASKA, NEVADA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, NORTH DAKOTA, OREGON SOUTH DAKOTA, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

Coming soon to Alaska, Connecticut, Guam, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington State and Wyoming